Welcome to New College West!

New College West outside entrance portal

We are a vibrant and diverse community thrilled to reside in the beautiful buildings on the south side of Poe Field that opened in August 2022. Our new spaces allow for many community activities, for all sorts of ways of learning and for making friends. Spend time in our Common Room at the student-run Coffee Club café, study on one of the massive pieces of art in our courtyards, or schedule a time to get your hands dirty creatively in our state-of-the-art ceramics studio.

Our community consists of nearly nine hundred undergraduates in all four years of study, including Residential College Advisers (RCAs) and  Peer Academic Advisers (PAAs).  Our community also includes the college staff, Residential Graduate Students (RGSs), faculty advisers, fellows, and colleagues from dining services and building services, among others.  All of our first- and second-year students live in the college; NCW juniors and seniors may choose to live in the college or in unaffiliated housing elsewhere on campus.

NCW organizes a wide range of activities for our community, from social and cultural events to intramural sports.  Many of these activities are organized by the College Council, a self-governing body made up of representatives from all of the NCW undergraduate classes.  The college functions as a living and learning environment with something to offer students at every stage of their undergraduate careers.