Abhinav Agarwal '23

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Concentration: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Certificates: Applied and Computational Math, Engineering Physics, Robotics and Intelligent Systems, Applications of Computing

Hometown: Delhi, India

What's your favorite memory from your first year at Princeton? 
Cooking during my orientation trip - we all worked to put together food we really liked even though it was made on a portable stove from packaged ingredients. I think all the laughter and team work during the cooking made it delicious :) 

What's a Princeton class that has shaped the way you think and why? 
MAE 345 (Introduction to Robotics) and STC/MUS 204 (Musical Instruments, Sound, Perception, and Creativity). Both classes showed me the interdisciplinary advantages and applications of physics and engineering (and they were 2 totally different contexts!). MAE 345 made me want to do more robotics at Princeton and pursue it as my main focus within MAE. STC 204 allowed me to reconnect with my interest in music, learn about instruments from across the world, and see how physics and math play a crucial role when we create music! 

Hi NCW members! My name is Abhinav and I'm a senior from Delhi, India. I'm so excited to meet you all and work with you! I'm studying mechanical and aerospace engineering and I have specific interests in robotics and control systems. On campus, I'm also involved with South Asian Theatre, Club Cricket, and Rocketry Club. I'm looking forward to being one of your PAAs this year. Please reach out to me anytime for any questions!!