Aly Kassam-Remtulla

Anthropology & Provost's Office
AB Adviser

I am Princeton's Associate Provost for International Affairs. I oversee partnerships, policies, and programs that enable international teaching, research, and service and support international students and scholars at the University. I occasionally teach an undergraduate seminar on Muslims in America through the Department of Anthropology. I've had a diverse academic and personal journey with many interesting twists and turns. I was born in Kenya and grew up in Canada. I finished high school at the United World College-USA in New Mexico and went off to Stanford where I majored in Social Anthropology and minored in Biology and Asian American Studies. I later studied at Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship and completed an MSc in Refugee Studies, an MBA, and a PhD. Before coming to Princeton in 2010, I worked in philanthropy and the non-profit sector, on a political campaign, in executive search, and for a summer at an investment bank.