Ben Wachspress '25

Aliya Kanji Hall

Hi everyone! My name is Ben and I am from Yardley, Pennsylvania. I am a junior in the school of Computer Science, working toward certificates in Statistics and Machine Learning, and Technology and Society. The student organizations I am a part of have been a large part of what has made my Princeton experience special so far. I am going into my third year serving as the Social Chair for the 2025 Class Government, I work as a Writing Center Fellow, and I am an eager competitor in intramural sports.

I am a frequent customer of Coffee Club, which is conveniently located in Addy Hall and has been my most trusted source of caffeine for the past couple of years. I also love to hammock on Poe Field, go to Dillon Gym, and go for walks with friends. My favorite spot on campus is hands down Prospect Garden. It is like a little oasis on campus and makes a great place to relax.  

One of my favorite memories of Princeton is from the beginning of my second semester. There was a big snowstorm and everybody went outside to have snowball fights, slide down Whitman hill, and marvel at how pretty the snow covered campus looked. If you asked me about a unique skill related to Princeton, I would say bowl making. I have spent the past two years perfecting my craft of making salad bowls, grain bowls, ice cream bowls, and everything of the bowl variety. Come find me in the D-hall and I'll teach you my ways. I am super excited to meet all of you so please say "Hi", and feel free to ask me literally anything.