Brie Salerno

College Office Coordinator
Office Phone

Welcome to New College West! When you visit our office in Kanji Hall, I will be the first person you see. I will happily answer your questions, offer you some of our many treats, and make you feel welcome in your new home here at NCW! (...Not necessarily in that order!) Be sure to stop by, say “Hi”, and tell me what’s new with you! In our office, I work with a small team of friendly, caring, and incredibly smart people including the Dean, Assistant Dean for Studies, and Assistant Dean for Student Life, with whom I provide support for the various events and programs offered here for you. Basically, we are here to help you find success in your studies and happiness in your home away from home!

Although I am new to New College West, I have worked at Princeton for the Art Museum and at Campus Club. When I’m not on campus, I live in New Hope, PA, a picturesque little town on the Delaware river, where I enjoy kayaking, cycling, hosting visitors, and exploring the many restaurants in town with my husband. (Let me know if you’re planning a day off-campus. I have lots of good suggestions for you!) I also enjoy gardening, baking, and visiting family –who live all over, including Boston, Denver, St Augustine, and Calgary, to name a few! Most recently, I spent time this summer vising my sister’s farm in Vermont, where we welcomed new babies --chicks, goats, and also my niece’s identical twin baby girls!

I hope you are ready for the new school year! Remember, NCW and I are here to support you during your time here at Princeton. Hope to see you soon!