Gillian Rosenberg '25

Kwanza Jones Hall

Hi and welcome to New College West! My name is Gillian and I am from Evanston, IL. I am a junior in the school of Linguistics, working toward a certificate in Computer Science and Near Eastern Studies.

Throughout my first two years at Princeton, I tried a bunch of activities ranging from lighting design and ultimate frisbee to intramural tennis. I am currently an Orange Key tour guide, a part of Princeton's Geniza lab, and involved with Princeton's Center for Jewish Life.

In my free time on campus, I love finding new spots to go "study" with friends where we end up talking for hours instead of working. Some of those spots include the first floor of Firestone Library, Murray-Dodge cafe, Frist Campus Center first floor, and the Center for Jewish Life.

If you asked me about a unique skill related to Princeton, I would say I can help Zees through changing their mind about majors (like I did five times!) I can also help them find the best grilled cheese on campus and help them apply for funding from Princeton for all kinds of independent projects. Also, as a tour guide, I often forget useful facts, like how many students there are at Princeton, but I can tell you about any obscure Princeton Tradition!

My favorite memories of Princeton are from my first year when I experienced all my Princeton "firsts" with people that I didn't know would later become my best friends. These “firsts” include my first P-rade (a Princeton parade tradition), lawn-parties, Princeton dance show, midterms craziness, and Dean's date (finals).

I am so excited to get to know NCW first-years and show them how lucky they are to be part of this residential college!