Johanna Rossi Wagner

Office Phone

Welcome to New College West! I look forward to getting to know each of you throughout your time at Princeton. As dean, I oversee the college and work most closely with juniors and seniors. I am always happy to meet with students to talk about academics, life or just about anything!

This is my first year as dean and I look forward to cultivating a curious and inspiring intellectual community in our college. I came to the residential colleges as the assistant dean for studies in First College and New College West. I also worked in the Office of International Programs as an adviser. I received my Ph.D. from Rutgers University in Italian, and my scholarly interests include migration narratives from North and East Africa, postcolonial literatures, and Italian-American cinema. For more than a decade, I've taught undergraduate courses in literature, language and film at Rutgers, Penn State and Princeton.  I am a Pennsylvania native and a big fan of Pittsburgh (Go Steelers!), but I feel most at home traveling. I also enjoy going to the movies, hiking, reading and practicing all forms of yoga. I look forward to seeing you around the college where you might find me with my partner, Jason, and daughter, Tru, discussing the finer points of the Star Wars films.