Kelsey Champeau '25

Kwanza Jones Hall

Hi!! First of all, welcome to the best Res College on campus– New College West! We even have the coolest mascot of all– the campus fox!

My name is Kelsey and I am a junior from Rumson, New Jersey! I am a Psychology major with a certificate in Visual Arts, and potentially Creative Writing. On campus I’ve been involved in community service through the PACE Center with Community House BigSibs, as well as being a Community Action leader. This past school year I had the absolute pleasure of working in the New College West college office at the front desk (we have the kindest staff & all the snacks)! I am also a part of the Acts of Kindness Club and the Chocolate Making Club!

My favorite memory from my first year at Princeton would have to be from spring semester. I was taking a photography class and my roommate and BFF (shoutout Stella & Princeton housing) was taking a filmmaking class. Every Friday we’d both be working in the Vis building, which is on Nassau Street, for hours. As the weather started to get warmer we’d meet up with our other two best friends (who are both proud Westies too) to get ice cream or dinner after working all day! I got to spend all my Fridays working on projects I loved, with my favorite people, enjoying the nice weather, and eating good food– it was the best!

In my spare time I absolutely love to listen to music, and I am proud to say that I am a hardcore Swiftie– PLEASE reach out if you are too! I also love to watch movies (especially romcoms), read books (especially poetry), eat food (especially sushi, chocolate, or bread), and spend time with my friends, family, and dogs! I love to cook and bake, and NCW has so many new, beautiful kitchens, which is amazing! And although I adore NCW, and spend most of my time there, I do love the occasional stroll up campus to RoMa or Cannon Green– the scenery of which makes it feel like we go to school on the set of the Dead Poets Society!

In terms of niche Princeton knowledge, because I am getting a certificate in Visual Arts, if you have any questions about the Vis program or Vis classes (especially photography) I am your girl! I have also taken a decent amount of Creative Writing classes which I love talking about!

I am so excited to meet every single one of you and to welcome you to your new home! Please reach out if you need anything at all– a snack, a good book, a movie recommendation, a friend– whatever you need my door is always open! Welcome Westies!