Max Nguyen

Quantitative & Computational Biology

Hi and welcome to New College West! My name is Max and I am from Augusta, Georgia. I am a PhD student in the Quantitative and Computational Biology program of the Lewis-Sigler Institute at Princeton, where I am fortunate to be advised by the amazing Simon Levin. I am broadly interested in understanding the principles and the patterns that characterize life, both to better understand Nature and what it means to be alive, but also with an aim to better the human condition. I tend to focus on systems-level research, both large and small, and my work typically lies at the intersection of biology, applied mathematics, statistical physics, and network science. I spend most of my current research efforts on understanding and analyzing models of infectious disease and epidemic spread. But previously I've also done research in immunology, genomics, cancer, biotechnology, and biophysics. I did my undergrad at Georgia Tech and a Master's at Cornell.

My favorite place on campus is Poe Field. On a sunny day it is hard to beat! If you asked me about a unique skill related to Princeton, I would say, on the academic side, I know a lot about the various activities going on in the natural sciences. On the fun side, I know a lot about the attractions and entertainment options in Princeton and the surrounding area!

As you begin your journey here at Princeton, my advice would be: Don't be afraid to explore! Meet as many people as you can, try new experiences, and step outside your comfort zone!