Oriele Benavides Salazar

Spanish and Portuguese

Hi everyone! My name is Oriele and I am very excited to meet you all at New College West as an RGS. I grew up in Caracas, Venezuela, where I did my Undergrad in Literary Studies along with Psychoanalytic Studies. I am a fifth-year Ph.D. student in Spanish and Portuguese, where I study late-20th-century Latin American feminist struggles, showing how feminist and queer organizations created new possibilities for intervening in the public sphere.

My favorite place to spend time on campus is Firestone Library. I love going there for a relaxing chat with old and new friends in between reading and note-taking. I am passionate about biking, pilates, reading, dancing, and also getting involved in discussions about almost any cultural topic. 

As you begin your journey here at Princeton, my advice would be: Therapy will always make things much more easier and enjoyable! Don’t be afraid to reach out to those resources that Princeton offers to their students.