Saul Vargas '24

José E. Feliciano Hall

Hello everyone!

My name is Saul Vargas and I am from Brooklyn, NY. I am a senior in the school of Economics, working toward a certificate in Finance. I am in the Princeton Powerlifting club on campus, which is essentially my home away from home. I love to stay active and workout! I am also involved in a couple of finance clubs on campus, which are super fun. I love talking about the stock market and am a big fan of
personal finance. Please come to me if you want to chat about it!

In my free time I like to spend my free time at Dillon Gym working out or in the Chancellor Green library studying! When I want to be with friends, you can usually see me in one of the many common spaces in NCW, especially in the coffee club, which is currently my favorite spot on campus!

If you asked me about a unique skill related to Princeton, I would say I am an expert at helping people pick classes and the whole course registrar deal! Being a senior, I have quite a bit of experience with the whole ordeal, and since I’ve taken many classes in different departments, I think I am knowledgeable on what classes to take and what classes to avoid.

One of my favorite memories of Princeton is the Jason Derulo lawn party event we had following the COVID shutdown. It was so silly and a core memory of how COVID changed everything.

NCW is a beautiful part of campus, and the community is super strong! The only downside is the walk (which you get used to!) Excited to meet you all!