Torre Wilks '24

Addy Hall

Hi everyone! My name is Torre and I am from Cleveland, Ohio. I am a senior in the school of Sociology, working toward a certificate in Technology and Society. I am currently an RCA and chair of the NCW College Council, and President of Our Health Matters. I also have been the Director of Business Today's Boost Conference and Assistant Director of Marketing for the International Conference.

In my free time I love to write music, watch Netflix, shop, and hang out with friends. If you asked me about a unique skill related to Princeton, I would say I am an expert at finding good places to eat on Nassau Street. One of my favorite memories of Princeton is from my first year, even though it was all online. I had a wonderful time meeting friends in classes, and I really enjoyed my photography class.

I hope you're excited to start your Princeton Journey, and I can't wait to meet you!