What's Where?

New College West (NCW), is located south of Poe Field and opened its doors to undergraduate students in fall 2022. It is part of a vibrant community-building residential college environment that provides students with a home to support their educational needs. NCW is comprised of four “tower” buildings, six to seven stories high, with connections between towers at the lower levels. Community spaces are located on the ground floors, with residential floors above.

Inside the main entrance to Addy Hall, The Commons is the heart of the college. At any time of day you can find students studying, playing the piano, chatting or grabbing a coffee. College study breaks and other programs are held here. Located in the Commons, the Coffee Club manages a small cafe that features amazing coffee and snacks. 

New College West Ceramics Studio is located just across from the Commons, on the other side of the portico, and is an “open studio” work environment for students in which beginners can work alongside experienced ceramicists on independent projects. A local artist and ceramicist is the Director.  It is a great opportunity to try your hand at something new and get your hands dirty while making something!

The Music Practice Room is just off the Commons and features a standup piano and space for practicing a musical instrument. The space is intended for casual use and can’t be reserved.  Just outside, you will find the Pink Table, which is an outdoor sculpture where students can gather. 

The Choi Dining Hall is located on the ground level of Kwanza Jones Hall and is shared with Yeh College. The two sides of the dining hall are separated by a fully enclosed courtyard, which can be used by both colleges in nice weather for seating. In addition, the dining hall opens to an outdoor wood courtyard.  The Private Dining Room is separate from the main dining hall making it ideal for small groups to meet over lunch or dinner. The College holds talks and other events in this room. It is connected to the Community Kitchen and the spaces can be used together to cook and dine as a group. 

map of NCW

New College West

The College Office is the nerve center of New College West.  Located just down from the Commons between Addy and Kanji HalI, it houses the offices of the Head of College, the Dean, the Assistant Dean, the Director of Student Life, the College Program Administrator, and the College Office Coordinator—so needless to say it’s an active place. The College Office is the place to come for pretty much any matter of interest or concern, whether academic, social, or personal.  If you wish to meet with specific members of the New College West staff, you can make an appointment by phoning the office.

But your College Office is also a social space—i.e., you don’t always have to have a reason to come in.  Please do stop by anytime to chat or to share your great ideas about how to make life at New College West even better!  And for the snacks: we usually have chocolate and snacks out for the taking.

The College features two Seminar Rooms in Kanji Hall which host seminars and events and are fully media equipped and supported by OIT media services. The adjacent student lounge area which is a great place to study or gather for a group project.